The Power of Kindness – #choosekindness



“Find a place where you can rest your weary head”, she said.
“Find a place where you can wrap your body in warm blankets”, she said.

“Find a place where your thoughts fade”, she said.
“Find a place where you can laugh”, she said.

“Find a place where we can whisper”, she said.
“And when you do, stay there and rest.”





Gaslighting and the Opposite of Gaslighting


I heard the term gaslighting for the first time, just a few weeks ago.
I know the type. In all sweetness and light, you throw a little word bomb here, spin a yarn there, and cut my legs off every once in a while.
Me, left in tatters and confused,
because you always apply such style and confidence.

But I’ve learned to deal with your duplicity.
Like when you bring me cake and tell me that
I’ve no grounds for my hurt.
I’ve got wise to your undermining ways.
No point trying to get you to see how you light fuses wherever you go.


The Opposite of Gaslighting

Yesterday, I realised your ways are at the polar end of gaslighting.
I know your type. Saying as much or as little as needed,
you’re there.
Me, safe and supported,
because you always apply kindness with utmost consistency.

I’ve begun to feel safe because you’re here.
Like when you pick up the phone just to say hello.
You help me pick up the pieces,
and make it easy for me.
You’re like that with everyone.